King County

Fire Station 14

Polished Concrete

Fire Station 14


Concrete Polish & Overlayment Combination: 14,000 sqft. 400 grit polish finish, combination of Ardex PCT and Concrete.

Our team was called upon to polish this 14,000 square foot Fire Station 14 building. On the lower levels, our professionals met the challenge of grinding this high slag content concrete, starting 40 grit to keep an even salt and pepper aggregate exposure and finishing at 400 grit polish which extends into the engine bays. The upper floors were specially prepared and poured with Ardex PCT over wood subflooring. The overlayment was brought to a matching 400 grit finish, sealed and then buffed for a dust-free easy to maintain surface.

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Project Features: Ardex PCT overlayment, 6 step Grind 40 grit to 400 grit polish finish, sealed and buffed.