King County

Genesee Elementry

Genesee High School


Concrete Stain & Polish: 24,381 total sqft. flooring 400 grit polish finish, with custom stain and acid etched leaf stencils.

Our professionals happily worked on this 24,381 square foot elementary school in West Seattle, performing a six step grind. AmeriPolish stain in Burnt Sienna was selected to bring a vibrant glow spanning both floors the school. Using acid etching, our team created thirty four custom leaf designs decorating the main hallway. These floors were brought up to a 400 grit polished finish, then sealed and buffed.

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Project Features: 6 step Grind 40 grit to 400 Grit Polish Finish, AmeriPolish blended Burnt Sienna stain, acid etched decorative leaf stencils, sealed and buffed.